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Founded in 1999, Systems Partner Co. Ltd has established itself as one of Hong Kong’s leading business software solution providers.


We are committed to offering our customers with quality and reliable application software to support their mission critical business operations. Our mission is to satisfy our every single customer its specific needs of robust and efficient application systems, which can be seamlessly integrated with its business processes.


Systems Partner provides total solutions. Our professional services cover all the way from application design, software development, system implementation to ongoing maintenance and support. Our consultants are not only technical proficient.  They all have extensive application experiences in various industries.


Customers spanning from a wide range of sectors, including banking, finance, insurance, constructions, printing, fashions, department store, trading and manufacturing are relying on Systems Partner’s application systems to support and manage their day-to-day operations.



Turn-key System Development

Systems Partner is experienced in designing, implementing and maintaining application systems to meet your specific needs. Ever since we commenced our operation, we have developed and installed quite a number of successful systems for various applications, just to name a few, the insurance system, production control system, sales and distribution system, accounting system and many others.


Our proven development methodology emphasizes on end user communication and quality assurance. We have structured steps to help end users visualize the future systems and prompt them for the genuine requirements. We insist on the importance of quality inspections along the entire development cycle, and exhaustive tests at the end to ensure a flawless system. Since we understand what our customers really need, we develop the systems to best fit their requirements. With total end user acceptance, our system projects can hardly fail.


Off-the-shelf (OTS) Software Solutions

Successful deployment of OTS software solutions lies entirely on the quality of the implementation and support services. The extensive business experiences and strong technical competencies of our consultants differentiate Systems Partner from most software resellers in the market.


Currently we carry Oracle E-Business Suite and Solomon Accounting. We are constantly expanding the portfolio in order to meet the growing demands of our customers.


Facilities Management Services

It is costly for a small to medium enterprise to build and maintain a sufficient and efficient IT support team for its day-to-day operation.  Systems Partner’s Facilities Management Services offer a cost effective and reliable solution to address your needs on IT support. The services can be flexibly tailored to suit your unique business mode and operating environment. In addition to regular support, we are always ready to cope with any ad hoc requests and contingent situations. Our ultimate aim is to ensure a peace of mind for every business executive.


Design and Commissioning of Office Network

We help companies build and set up office networks, email systems, web-portals, file-sharing systems, etc to enhance communications among employees and increase office productivities.


Moreover, we also provide timely and professional support on office software usages. From time to time your staff may be stuck with simple usage questions like, for example, how to mail merge a selected batch of contacts. With Systems Partner’s support, the answer is only a phone call away.

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